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The Astonishing Tale of the Gump of Oz
Price: $18.95 *S&H $6.00

The Emerald Mountain of Oz

When Dorothy and the Scarecrow pay a visit to Professor Wogglebug’s Royal College of Athletic Arts, little do they know the strange events that are about to unfold. On the college grounds, quite by accident, they discover an unusual field of emeralds, apparently sprouting from the earth. Much to everyone’s surprise and amazement, the entire area quickly grows into a towering landscape of jagged, ever-growing green crystals and yawning chasms, which threaten not only the Royal College, but the Emerald City as well. And neither Ozma, nor Glinda, nor the Wizard, with all their combined magic, can discover the cause of the Emerald Mountain, nor how to stop it!

At long last, Mark E. Haas' third and final Oz book is published! We'll miss you, Mark, but you live on in your book!

Paperback with full color wraparound cover.

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