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Fatboy n' Chubbs in
Peril of the Exercist!

FatBoy n' Chubbs is a graphic novel I am really pleased with. It is a satirical look at comics and pop culture and pokes fun at a whole lot of stuff. The cover is CGI, but the inside is all pen and ink (and zipatone for those of you old enough to recall that). Over 60 glossy pages of pure silliness, and some of my best and most detailed drawings.

The premise is simple: Just because someone develops super powers, does that mean they will suddenly have a Charles Atlas body? Green Lantern could be a short little bald guy, or Spiderman could have had acne and a spare tire. Take a look around a comic book store—none of the fans look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are either geeky guys with glasses or fat guys with too much hair. As the latter, I decided to create super heroes we can really believe in!

Written by myself and a good friend, Kevin Thompson, we used our vast knowledge of comics and fast food to produce the heroes America has been waiting for!

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