The Foolish Ants - Written and Illustrated by Dennis Anfuso



The Foolish Ants


Artemus was an ant. He wasn't a very smart ant, but most people who knew him liked him, and he was happy. He had a small window in his tiny room that had a view of a hillock of grass that looked like a majestic mountain. You must understand that most clumps of grass or dirt looked like a mountain to him because Artemus was an ant. His favorite part of the day was when he sat eating his breakfast and felt the warm sunshine coming through his window.

Bradley was also an ant. He lived about ten floors in the anthill above Artemus. Although they lived in the same ant hill, they did not know each other and they were not friends. Bradley liked to read, but he only read books by one author, so his view of the world was a little small. But then he was an ant and that was not unusual. Nothing pleased him more than eatting his breakfast and reading the newspaper as he watched the golden sun shine through his window.

Artemus and Bradley both got the AntHill Gazette. It was a small daily paper that had amusing stories about life in these times, and great cartoons. Artemus and Bradley both liked reading the letters to the editor. On many occasions they had each written letters about things that interested them.

Today as Artemus read the paper he noticed a letter written by Bradley. This letter said that the author had heard a rumor that a new anthill was going to be dug, and that the proposed site would be right on top of the hillock of grass that was to the east of their anthill. “That,” the letter stated. “Would totally block their view of the dawn and make our homes dark and depressing.”

Artemus found this letter upsetting. He certainly did not want a new anthill dug so close to his home, but that was not what had him upset. He did not care if his view of the dawn was blocked, but this new anthill would prevent him from seeing the sunrise every morning!

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